New Jersey Accident Lawyers

As Certified Civil Trial Attorneys by the New Jersey Supreme Court we have the knowledge and skills required to get you the compensation you deserve. At Keefe Bartels, you can expect responsive service, dedicated advocacy, and a commitment to the best results possible for our clients. With offices throughout New Jersey including Red Bank, Newark, and New Brunswick we available for a free initial consultation to discuss your case.


For plaintiffs facing the daunting task of pursuing an automobile accident claim, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin with all of the moving parts involved in this often complicated variety of accident claim. With insurance questions, traffic laws and regulations, and the task of proving liability and possibly even proving how liability should be divided between multiple at-fault parties, on top of the burden of dealing with the injuries you or your loved ones have suffered, it can be overwhelming trying to make sense of your potential automobile accident case. But it doesn’t have to be! With a zealous and accomplished plaintiff’s lawyer from Keefe Bartels by your side, you can focus on coping with your injuries, replacing or repairing your vehicle, and picking up the pieces emotionally with your loved ones so that you can move on with your life.

We handle cases that include:

Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Train Accidents
Bus Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Defective Vehicles Accidents
Bucket Truck Accidents

Leave the legal process to us, and you can be sure that every possible avenue for just legal compensation will be investigated, with careful review of the details of your case ensuring that justice will be served on your behalf. With decades of experience representing clients injured in auto accidents, we will stand up for your rights and tirelessly pursue the result you deserve.



Workplace injuries can be particularly tragic for accident victims and their families, since these types of injuries not only affect the victim’s earning capacity in most cases, thus making it more difficult to support a family and pursue a fulfilling life, but are actually sustained as a direct result of the victim’s endeavors to simply make a good living in the first place. This aspect of the injury can make the ordeal and consequences of a workplace injury particularly emotional for the accident victim as well as his or her loved ones, dependents, and support system. Additionally, because workplace injuries often involve dangerous machinery, falls from great heights, and other types of particularly hazardous conditions, the injuries sustained by victims of workplace accidents are often particularly serious.

We handle cases that include:

Construction Accidents
Scaffolding Accidents
Defective Machinery Accidents
Burn Accidents

With so much to deal with after a workplace accident, it is vital to work with an accident attorney who not only has significant experience handling workplace accidents, but also exhibits the compassionate nature that you and your loved ones will need on your side in order to help you through this difficult time in every way possible. That’s why the workplace accident team at Keefe Bartels stands ready to provide your case with the personal attention you deserve, helping to handle every aspect of your case and applying our decades of experience in order to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible for you while we assist you in achieving the legal compensation you deserve.



Slip and fall accidents are among the most common causes of serious injury, and can result in catastrophic effects in the blink of an eye. With hazards everywhere and many property owners, landlords, and business owners distracted by the hustle and bustle of today’s world, these types of accidents often result from a lack of due care on the part of one or more responsible parties. However, many different factors can come into play in determining liability in a slip and fall case, and many such cases even involve the complex process of apportioning liability among multiple negligent parties.

We handle cases that include:

Stairs Accidents
Ice and Snow Accidents

With so much at stake in a slip and fall case, and many complicated and often convoluted factors at play, it is very important to work with a skilled and knowledgeable plaintiff’s attorney if you have experienced an injury or seen a loved one get hurt because of a slip and fall incident.

Finding the right legal representation at a time like this will help ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injury and its potentially extensive impact on your life. With decades of experience standing behind our attorneys, and our legal team’s talent recognized by countless awards bestowed upon us both in New Jersey and nationally, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will be in good hands with Keefe Bartels fighting for your rights.



No matter what area your claim involves, our attorneys are likely to have significant experience in the underlying area of law, and will aggressively pursue justice by relentlessly fighting for fair compensation on your behalf. Although no compensation can truly make up for the results of a tragic accident in many of these types of claims, working with the right plaintiff’s lawyer can ensure that you will reach the best possible outcome in your case, and that you will be compensated for your loss to the full extent of the law. That is why it is our goal to provide personal focus and attention to each case we handle, in order to ensure that you and your loved ones are made as whole as possible by the law after your involvement in a tragic accident of any kind.