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contruction accident lawyer njConstruction sites are among the most dangerous workplaces in our modern world. With constant risks and dangers all around, construction workers are unfortunately facing a significant risk of injury or death each day that they report for work, even when employers make every effort to institute thorough safety practices and follow the comprehensive safety regulations that govern this hazardous industry. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a construction accident, you will need a skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced plaintiff’s accident lawyer on your side who can provide the focus and compassion that your matter deserves in order to reach a favorable outcome and achieve fair compensation. At Keefe Bartels, our thorough and well trained legal team has been awarded many accolades at both the federal and state level for our work, evidence that our decades of experience have successfully built the formidable force of knowledge, skill, and experience that will be the key to winning your accident claim.

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Common Causes of Construction Accidents

Although there are many different ways in which serious injuries or death can occur at a construction site, many construction accidents result from certain types of accidents that are relatively common in this hazardous workplace setting. Some of the most common causes of construction accidents include the following::

  • Scaffold Falls or Injuries
  • Ladder Falls or Injuries
  • Crane Malfunctions or Accidents
  • Defective Machinery
  • Falling Bricks, Rocks, or other Construction Materials or Objects
  • Burns
  • Chemical Burns, Spills, or other Injuries
  • Electrocution / Electric Shock
  • Explosions

Although these are some of the most prevalent types of construction-related injuries, with decades of experience, our attorneys have handled a long list of different types of injury claims involving construction sites and workplaces. No matter what issues are involved in your matter, our skilled legal team is sure to have some relevant experience and sage insight into the best possible approach for your case. Additionally, with personal attention given to each matter we review, your case will be a priority at Keefe Bartels, ensuring that we are able to build the best possible case on your behalf to win the compensation you deserve. Although construction accidents can be more debilitating and tragic than any dollar amount can repay, working with the right plaintiff’s lawyer can help you obtain the legal compensation you deserve, taking advantage of every argument available on your behalf. When you work with Keefe Bartels, you can focus on getting your life back on track after your construction accident, knowing that we have your case under control and won’t let your insurance company or those responsible for your injuries or losses take advantage of you at this confusing and difficult time..

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