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defective machinery lawyers njOSHA issues thousands of citations every year for issues involving construction machinery that make that machinery dangerous to construction workers on the job. Unfortunately, construction employers and third party contractors are all too often guilty of taking shortcuts and cutting corners in ways that create many of the hazards of dangerous machinery at construction job sites. Corners may be cut because time or money is valued above the lives and safety of construction workers at the job site. Another issue arises when machine manufacturers themselves cut corners, failing to install safety mechanisms that could be added to the machines they produce in order to help protect the safety of construction workers. Therefore, employers, third party contractors, and machine manufacturers are often at fault when injuries or deaths result from issues with defective machinery.

If you or a loved one are coping with an injury or death caused by dangerous machinery on the job, you will need to discuss your matter with a skilled and experienced plaintiff’s attorney as soon as possible to help you thoroughly review and address the complex legal issues that arise in this type of tragic accident. The zealous plaintiff’s legal team at Keefe Bartels will review every angle of your case in order to help ensure that you will receive all legal compensation that you may be entitled to under the circumstances of your case. Our legal team has received many awards for our work, both nationwide and on the state level, and we are ready to put our decades of experience to work in your defective machinery accident claim.

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Common Issues in Defective Machinery Accidents

Although the list of machinery issues that can lead to death or serious injuries is long, some of the most common issues that we see include the following:

  • Moving machinery parts without proper guards (shafts, fly wheels, belts, pulleys, cranks, chains, presses, gears, molds, etc.)
  • Cutting hazards to machine operators (e.g. risks of catching fingers or limns in cutting machines)
  • Scrap or debris striking workers
  • Electrical hazards (such as exposed wiring, frayed wiring, or old wiring)
  • Inhalation of harmful or toxic fumes or airborne materials
  • Burns from boiling points
  • Omission of necessary safety equipment such as masks, eye protection, or hard hats

Our seasoned attorneys have successfully navigated the legal landscape of many different types of defective machinery claims. We understand how emotionally exhausting the experience of a workplace injury can be for you and your loved ones, and the experienced attorneys at Keefe Bartels are ready to put our decades of experience to work for you while providing personal attention to your case. We allow you to focus on picking up the pieces and moving forward, while we aggressively address all of the legal details in order to make sure that you will be justly compensated for your injuries and losses.

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