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defective automobile lawyer njOne potential cause of auto accidents and serious injuries in New Jersey, and throughout our nation, is the problem of vehicle defects. In an accident caused by a defect in the design of your vehicle, or of another vehicle involved in the accident, the automobile manufacturer may be legally responsible to pay for your injuries, property damage, and other losses suffered. In some cases, a vehicle defect can increase the severity of an accident or of injuries sustained by an occupant of one of the vehicles involved. In other cases, defects in the design or manufacturing of a vehicle can lead to injuries or property damage that could have been avoided had the vehicle not been defective to begin with.

Since automobile design and manufacturing can be extremely complex processes, there are a vast number of different types of defects that can lead to automobile manufacturer liability for accidents and injuries, including but not limited to the following:

  • Fuel / Gasoline System Malfunctions (e.g. post-collision fuel-fed fires, sudden fires resulting from crashes)
  • Rollovers (vehicles flipping over during an accident)
  • Roof Crush (failure of roof supports during a rollover accident)
  • Door Mechanism Failures (e.g. doors opening during accidents, allowing occupant to fall out of the vehicle)
  • Airbag Failures (e.g. failure of airbag to deploy, or excessive force when deployed)
  • Seatbelt Failures (e.g. faulty seatbelt allowing too much occupant movement during an accident)
  • Insufficient Side-Impact Mechanisms (exacerbating or allowing avoidable injuries from side impact)
  • Tire Defects (e.g. tires blowing out earlier than expected based on observed wear)

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At Keefe Bartels, we understand that most victims of automobile accidents have a lot to process after their automobile accident. Whether you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, your own bodily injury, or helping a family member through their own injuries, when you work with a skilled and experienced plaintiff’s lawyer like our well trained team at Keefe Bartels, you can rest assured that the legalities will be handled zealously on your behalf, ensuring that your case is well positioned for the best possible outcome. Our skilled and knowledgeable team of accident lawyers will put our decades of experience to work thoroughly reviewing all elements of your case while you attend to the more emotional and human elements of recovering from the traumatic effects of your accident.

Unfortunately many manufacturers may take shortcuts or drag their heels when it comes to correcting known defects because they believe that the calculated risk of injuries to the public and lawsuits for compensation to injured parties like you and your loved ones are outweighed by the costs that would accompany rectifying these types of known issues. It’s up to us to work together to bring successful suits against these industry players to help enforce the tools of justice that our legal system has put in place. If you or a loved one are dealing with any type loss involving a vehicle accident, contact us today so that we can help you determine whether vehicle defects might have been at play. We pledge to carefully and zealously apply our extensive knowledge and experience to provide sound legal guidance that will help you build the best case possible.

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