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ice and snow accident lawyer njDuring inclement weather, property owners have certain legal duties which must be met in order to help ensure the safety of people using their property. These legal responsibilities require that areas like sidewalks and parking areas must be sufficiently cleared of ice and snow. When property owners fail to meet these important legal obligations, incomplete ice and snow removal often poses a hazard to those using the property. Furthermore, this type of fall often results in serious injuries since these hazards are often invisible, lurking beneath our feet and sneaking up on victims quickly and completely unexpectedly. At Keefe Bartels, we understand how significantly the painful injuries caused by snow and ice related slip and fall accidents can impact your life. Since we know that you may have many things to focus on during this difficult time, such as regaining your mobility and piecing back together your family and work life, we offer comprehensive personal attention for your case so that you can feel confident that all legal aspects of your injury claim are in good hands.

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Common Causes of Snow and Ice Related Falls

Various conditions can contribute to snow and ice related falls and injuries. Some of the most common causes that we see in these types of matters include the following:

  • Re-freezing after accumulated ice melts and drips from areas like gutters or roofs
  • Snow-covered sidewalks
  • Frozen puddles on walkways or in parking lots
  • Ineffective or insufficient snow removal or ice removal
  • Failure to maintain a regular snow removal and ice removal schedule

Each case is unique, and there are many more potential issues or factors that could contribute to a snow or ice related fall and injury. Additionally, the specifics of your case will be very important in determining your legal rights under the circumstances, and what legal obligations the property owner had under those circumstances. For example, in the middle of a snow or ice storm, a property owner may not have much if any responsibility for actively clearing walkways or parking areas, but if an unreasonable time has passed after the storm, then liability is much more likely, with the reasonableness factor depending on the exact facts on a case-by-case basis.

With decades of experience filing snow and ice related injury claims on behalf of our clients, the zealous plaintiff’s injury lawyers at Keefe Bartels are ready and waiting to review the details of your case and help guide you through the legal landscape of building a successful claim.

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