New Jersey Train Accident Lawyers

train accident lawyer njWith the popularity of modern rail travel, railroad accidents are becoming very common, occurring almost once an hour in our country. Because there are so many components to most train accidents, which often result in serious injuries and deaths, it is crucial to work with an experienced plaintiff’s lawyer in building your railroad accident case. The skilled and experienced accident attorneys at Keefe Bartels can help you thoroughly analyze your case and clarify the complex legal landscape of railroad accident claims in order to help you consider every possible element of your case that may help you achieve fair compensation. If you or a loved one have been affected by a railroad accident, whether as a railroad worker or as a pedestrian or driver of an automobile, our seasoned attorneys are ready to put their decades of knowledge, skill, and impeccable track record to work for you, advocating relentlessly throughout the duration of your lawsuit.

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Common Causes of Railroad Accidents

More than ninety percent of railroad accidents involve motorists attempting to cross railroad tracks or stopping on railroad tracks despite crossing signals indicating that trains are approaching. However, other types of accidents involving trains are also relatively common, including derailments, collisions of multiple trains with one another, and pedestrian accidents on the rails. Sometimes these types of accidents result from train or signal defects. Because the operator of a railroad is required to maintain trains and equipment properly, many such causes can give rise to successful lawsuits, ensuring that your rights are protected so long as you are working with a knowledgeable attorney who can take full advantage of the complex laws established to protect you in these situations. Another relatively common cause of train accidents is engineer error. If evidence suggests that an issue such as distraction, intoxication or impairment due to drugs or alcohol, or fatigue played a role in your accident, our experienced attorneys may also be able to use facts like these in your favor in building the strongest case possible on your behalf.

How to Seek Due Compensation

In any railroad accident matter, thorough review and investigation of your case are crucial elements of zealously building a strong case on your behalf. Working with an experienced attorney helps to ensure not only that all angles will be reviewed and considered, and all of the facts taken into consideration in order to craft the strongest case possible, but also ensures that all potentially responsible parties will be included in your lawsuit, maximizing the compensation to be awarded for your injuries or losses. The right plaintiff’s attorney can help guide you through these parts of the process while also applying decades of skill and expertise to guide you through the convoluted legal landscape of railroad accident claims and laws.

Working with an experienced and knowledgeable plaintiff’s firm like Keefe Bartels, you can rest assured that your case will receive the personal attention you deserve in order to help ensure that you reach the best result possible.

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